About Us


Iynka and Urvi both grew up in hard-working, humble households in New Zealand. They moved to Australia in 2010 and 2012 respectively, both with a dream to establish themselves and create the ideal lifestyle.

Iynka has worked as an engineer for over 15 years, and has always had a very analytical mindset. However, he felt burnt out and had a growing concern he would run out of time to setup the financial freedom the couple had dreamed of. During this time, he realised that working the typical 9-5 without any road-map to financial success, was a recipe for failure. So, he started educating himself in wealth creation.

It wasn’t until the couple ventured into property investment that the couple were able to generate real wealth. They attribute this success to following a simple yet effective wealth creation strategy they have formulated over many years of education, money management and dedication with the right values instilled by their parents. It has enabled the couple to create a multimillion dollar, scalable property portfolio.

The property portfolio now provides a passive income which gave them financial independence in their 30’s. The portfolio has enabled Iynka and Urvi to both quit their 9-5 jobs by building wealth and provide a legacy for generations.

Now, Iynka is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom through property investing. He loves to help others achieve their own financial goals, from the basics of smart money management to building scalable property portfolios and subsequent wealth one step at a time.

If you’re looking to create true wealth through property investing, the team at The Wealth Engineers can help you get started on the right path. Book a free consultation to find out more!