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Building Products available from GAM Steel

GAM Steel supplies building products in the Victorian, Tasmanian, and Southern New South Wales markets.

We are proud to supply and deliver building products to our customers working in the civil and infrastructure, residential and non-residential building, general fabrication, and manufacturing industries.

The right building products when and how you need it

We stock a range of:

  • Lintels
  • T-Bars
  • Retaining Wall Posts

The building products we supply are of high-quality sourced from reputable suppliers.

We are a distributor of local building products and can also source other options. Chances are that whatever your business and/or project requirements are – GAM Steel will have it, contact us and we’ll keep your business running smoothly and on time every time.

Processing capability to support your projects


  • Engineering civil construction
  • Residential & Non-residential building
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Transport and Manufacturing

The GAM Steel sales team utilises the latest processing capabilities to help you increase efficiency and reduce waste for your projects.

To reduce your burden of project compliance, all GAM Steel building products are supplied to exacting quality and safety standards.

Lintels – Specifications

Galintel Solid Base Angles have been designed to support brickwork over windows & doors. The brickwork, mortar, and lintel work together to form a composite beam with exceptional strength and load-carrying capacity. Genuine Galintel Hot Dip Galvanised lintels are 40% lighter than solid lintels (and 40% easier to carry) with a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Size & Stock Length Guide:

T-Bars – Specifications

Galintel Traditional T-Bars are fully machine-welded structural lintel beams manufactured in Australia using BlueScope steel. They are traditional steel sections used in the support of brickwork over large clear openings and are not reliant on composite action. 

Size & Stock Length Guide:

Retaining Wall Posts – Specifications

The Galintel Retaining Wall Post system provides an “all in one solution” accommodating timber or metal fence connections for easy installation saving time and money.

Made with heavy-duty steel, Galintel Retaining Wall Posts are fully hot-dip galvanised for corrosion protection in accordance with AS/NZS4680:2006. 

A range of lengths are available in two depth sizes:

  • 100mm Series to suit 75mm Sleepers
  • 150mm Series to suit 100mm Sleepers.

Both series are compatible with a variety of timber, concrete, or masonry sleepers enabling a wide choice of designs popular with Australian homeowners.

Posts are pre-drilled for easy assembly and installation, accommodating specially designed fence brackets for timber or metal applications, and handy when upgrading gardens.

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GAM Steel supplies building products for engineering civil construction, residential and non-residential building, mining infrastructure, transport, and manufacturing purposes. Our products are available in a range of types of sizes.

To find out more please contact us.

The information on this website has been compiled by referencing various supplier sources and is provided by the way of general information. You must seek specific advice as to the suitability of the products featured on this website for the purpose for which and the way you propose to use them. This may involve further independent analysis and testing. GAM Steel and all associated businesses take no responsibility for any adverse consequences of any nature which arise from the reliance on this information.